What To Look For When Comparing Home Window Replacement Warranties

If the windows in your home are old, drafty, warped or covered with condensation, it might be time to replace them. However, with so many different options on the market today, how do you know which types are best? From vinyl, fiberglass or wood frames, to double hung, gliding or awning versions, there are a number of types to choose from. However, many people don’t consider the type of warranty that’s available for their project. If you’re looking to complete a home window replacement, look into the type of coverage that comes with each brand.

The Most Common Type Of Warranty

The most common type of coverage covers the original owner. This protection typically ends once the home is sold to a new owner. While this is a fine option if you’re planning on staying in your house for the length of the warranty, it doesn’t offer any protection or buyer incentive if you’re trying to sell your house.

Transferable Warranties Offer The Best Coverage

Instead, look for a warranty that enables you to transfer coverage to a new owner. New windows are a big buyer incentive if you’re trying to sell your home, because these new windows are excellent at keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Home-buyers know that working with window replacement companies can be expensive and appreciate the value that new windows offer, and that transferable coverage adds a lot of value. However, don’t just look for transferable protection. Before going through the hassle of having window replacement done, check to make sure that coverage is non-prorated. This means that homeowners old and new will receive the full benefits, not a pre-determined portion that’s calculated using a percentage of depreciation.

What To Watch Out For Before And After Window Replacement

Even the best warranty won’t cover some issues. If a company that’s not qualified or knowledgeable about the project handles your window replacement, any coverage will be voided. Because of this, it’s important to look for home window replacement companies that are well trained in installing the type and brand of windows you’ve chosen for your house. A company that knows what they’re doing will offer coverage on their installation, above and beyond the one that’s offered by the manufacturer.

Additionally, you’ll need to handle regular maintenance issues. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of any maintenance that should be completed and keep detailed records of when work is completed and whether you did the job yourself or hired window replacement companies to take care of it for you. Your windows might not need anything more than a regular screen cleaning, but check to make sure that’s the case.

New windows can add a lot of value to your house, as long as they’re installed properly and maintained. If you’re interested in selling your home shortly after installing windows, check to make sure the warranty that comes with them is transferrable to the new owners. While this small detail probably won’t be the sole reason you sell your house, the peace of mind that comes with this protection may just be one of reasons a buyer selects your home over a similar one.

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